ROXXY BL Control 960-6

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ROXXY® BL control 960-6, brushless controller

The 900 series of ROXXY® brushless controllers features the new Cool Power FET technology (not in the 908 and 918) and is therefore particularly powerful for a wide range of applications, regardless of whether it is for electric powered model aircraft, electric gliders or electric helicopters. These controllers are particularly suitable for the BL motor series ROXXY, but can of course also be operated with all other Brusless motors. Due to the clock frequency of 32,000Hz, a very sensitive response is achieved, which brings great advantages especially when torquing and when used in e-helicopters.

Programming options:

Model type: Air/Heli, Boot/Car Battery type: Lipo, NiCd/NiMh Direction of rotation normal/reverse Brake on/off Governor mode (Heli)

with the separately available Programmer V2 (# M318642) further settings can be made:

Cut Off Voltage Behavior at undervoltage (Cut Off Type) Motor timing Start-up behavior Control behavior (Governor-Mode only) Braking behavior (Air-Mode only) Motor pole number Gear reduction ratio Display RPM max. Display RPM average Write data Read data Save data

These controllers are equipped with the following protection functions:

POR: Start-up protection, prevents unintentional start-up of the motor. PCO: Undervoltage cut-off. The motor is switched off in time when the battery is discharged, in order to reserve sufficient capacity for the control system. hec: high clock frequency (32kHz) for sensitive, magnet-protecting motor control. SPS:Super Programming System Cool Power FET: new generation of transistors RX-Filter:Switches off the controller in case of missing or invalid transmitter signal. TP: Thermal overload protection (Thermal Protection) with subsequent power reduction to 70%.

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