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Charger EZ-Peak Live LiPo/NiMH with iD connector, Bluetooth

Article number: RCCTRX2971G
Manufacturer: Traxxas
Manufacturer Product-No.: 2971G
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The most powerful, most advanced, charger from Traxxas ever!

Traxxas iD batteries deliver an easier and safer LiPo charging solution when used with our exclusive iD chargers. You simply connect your iD batteries and press start. The iD charger handles all the settings and quickly gives you an optimized charge, every time. The new 4s capable EZ-Peak Live multi-chemistry charger is our newest and most advanced charger, equipped with built-in Bluetooth to work seamlessly with the new Traxxas EZ-Peak Live™ app for iOS and Android. The EZ-Peak Live app gives you detailed information, remote monitoring, and advanced operational features through the high-resolution color interface on your device. It is our best charger in the popular EZ-Peak iD series. Along with new technology, we've added more charging power, up to 12 amps for 2s LiPo batteries! Your batteries will charge faster, so you can get back to the fun of riding sooner.

Patent Pending iD Technology There's never been an easier and safer way to charge your batteries than with the Traxxas iD system. Simply plug in a Traxxas iD-equipped battery and press "start" - that's all there is to it! Traxxas pioneered this exclusive technology to eliminate complicated charger programming. The iD system detects which Traxxas iD-equipped battery you are using and automatically configures the settings for optimal charging. The progress bar and audible alerts keep you informed, while the advanced high-resolution peak detection delivers a perfect charge every time. EZ-Peak Live's storage mode protects your LiPo battery investment by safely preparing batteries for extended storage.

Supercharged performance Faster charging means more time behind the wheel. The EZ-Peak Live delivers a full 100 watts of power - the equivalent of 12 amps of charging power! The charger automatically detects the size of your iD-equipped battery and configures settings for the fastest possible charge. NiMH batteries are charged faster than ever with a full 5 amps of charging power. LiPo batteries charge even faster with up to 12 amps! For LiPo batteries equipped with external balancing cables, a balancing port is built into the charger. No other charger offers the combination of power and flexibility of EZ-Peak Live with the safety and simplicity of iD.

Technology No one pushes technological advancements further than Traxxas. The EZ-Peak Live is not only our most powerful charger ever, it's our most advanced. The free EZ-Peak Live app installs on your Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch or Android™ device and connects to your charger via built-in Bluetooth®. With the EZ-Peak Live App, you have access to additional features such as a high-resolution graphical user interface, firmware upgrades, remote monitoring and alerts for up to 4 chargers, detailed live charging information, and the ability to turn off iD mode. iD mode can be turned off via the EZ-Peak Live app for charging first-generation Traxxas batteries with non-iD high-current connections. This is charging the Traxxas way-fast, easy, and more advanced than ever before!

Important Customer Note: Access to some charger features requires a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device (sold separately) and the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live app.

Quick features of the EZ-Peak Live charger:

  • 100-watt 12-amp output
  • Detects Traxxas iD-equipped batteries and automatically programs and optimizes charge settings
  • LED charge progress indicator
  • Optimized for faster LiPo balance charging
  • One-button LiPo memory charging protects your battery investment
  • Advanced high-resolution peak detection delivers a perfect charge
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports Traxxas EZ-Peak Live application
  • Audible warnings
  • Built-in fan
  • Advanced mode for full manual control through EZ-Peak Live app
  • Legacy support for all Traxxas high-current connectors
  • Built-in balance connector for traditional LiPo batteries
  • Charges 5-8 cell NiMH batteries
  • Charges 2s, 3s, and 4s LiPo batteries

EZ-PEAK LIVE (#2971) SPECIFICATIONS: AC input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5A charging current range: 1.0-12.0A Discharge current range: 665mAh Discharge current for balance ports: 665mAh NiMH battery cell count: 5-8 cells LiPo cell count: 2-4 cells Net weight: 526g Dimensions: 133 x 169 x 55mm

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Hersteller Traxxas

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